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The dream turned to anguish and the worry turned to joy. The journey of establishing Jones Road has been a trauma and a delight. Always the same goal and focus on producing something fantastic. The rewards for many years in the business has bought knowledge, friendships, excitement and eternal optimism of one producing wines with world-wide recognition but more importantly self satisfaction and belief that our wines are appreciated by many people.

With every vintage our wines are improving and every vintage our knowledge and understanding of our vineyards, the terroir and the winemaking techniques and requirement best suited to our grapes is increasing. I am very happy with the way the Jones Road wines are progressively attaining recognition and look forward to the next vintage. The future is looking very exciting at Jones Road.

Rob Frewer

Founder & Principal

Jones Road Wines

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James Halliday *****

2012 Jones Road Nepean Chardonnay won the trophy for the Best Mornington Peninsula White.

“the rewards for those that chose the roads less travelled will always be greater.”